gaNeza     m. (= %{-Na-nAtha}) N. of the god of wisdom and of obstacles (son of
S3iva and Pa1rvati1 , or according to one legend of Pa1rvati1 alone ; though
Gan2e7s3a causes obstacles he also removes them ;
m. pl. (= %{vidye7za} or
%{-zvara}) a class of Siddhas (with S3aivas) Hcat. i , 11 , 857 ff

gaNa  Name of Ganesa W. m. a flock , troop , multitude , number , tribe ,
series , class (of animate or inanimate beings) , body of followers or
attendants RV. AV. &c. ; troops or classes of inferior deities (especially
certain troops of demi-gods considered as S3iva's attendants and under the
special superintendence of the god Gan2e7s3a ; cf. %{-devatA}) Mn. Ya1jn5.
Lalit. &c. ; a single attendant of S3iva VarBr2S. Katha1s. Ra1jat. iii , 270 ; N.
of Gan2e7s3a W. ; a company , any assemblage or association of men
formed for the attainment of the same aims Mn. Ya1jn5. Hit. ;; a series or
group of asterisms or lunar mansions classed under three heads (that of the
gods , that of the men , and that of the Ra1kshasas) W. ;
a sect in philosophy
or religion W. ; (%{A}) f. N. of one of the mothers in Skanda's retinue MBh. ix
, 2645 (cf. %{ahar-} , %{maru4d-} , %{vR4Sa-} , %{sa4-} , %{sapta4-} ,
%{sa4rva-} ; %{deva-} , %{mahA-} , and %{vida-gaNa4}.)

gaN  : to count , number , enumerate , sum up , add up , reckon , take into
account MBh. R. &c. ; to think worth , value

vidy-eza and gaN-eza is Vidya and Isa and gana and Isa.

 2 mfn. possessing sap and strength ; well-fed , strong ; sappy
, juicy , fertile RV. ; m. N. of the month A1s3vina ,
September-October) VS. S3Br. Sus3r. VP. ; N. of a R2ishi BhP.
  m. the month A1s3vina see %{iSa} ; a son of the third Manu
; a servant of S3iva.

mfn. owning , possessing , sharing ; one who is completely master
of anything ; capable of (with gen.) ; powerful , supreme ; a ruler ,
master , lord Mn. S3Br. MBh. Kum. &c. ; m. a husband L. ; a
Rudra ; the number `" eleven "' (as there are eleven Rudras) ; N.
of S3iva as regent of the north-east quarter MBh. Hariv. R. S3ak.
&c. ; N. of S3iva ; of Kuvera ; (%{A4}) f. faculty , power , dominion
AV. VS. S3Br.
m. lord in lord in heaven pl. N. of the A1dityas , Vasu and Rudra
Hcat. i , 6. (For other comp. see under %{diva4s} , %{divA} , 2.
%{divi4} , %{divo} 3. %{dyu4}.)
The Axe with the second Vidya and
gaNezaNa-nAtha as a sect or
gana  philosophy or religion W.
Without the gana sign Vidyeza, this
sign is a horse.