Sisira and saumya are connected
through Marga-Siras begining of
the year, meaning gentleness.

saumya  relating or belonging to
Soma (the juice or the sacrifice or
the moon-god) , connected or
dealing with Soma , &c. RV. &c.
&c. ; cool and moist (opp. to
%{agneya} , `" hot and dry "') Br.
Hariv. Sus3r. ; northern (%{ena} , `"
to the north "') Hariv. VarBr2S. ;
the left hand Hcat. ;; the middle of
the hand L. ;
N. of the fifth Muhu1rta
Cat. ;; the month Ma1rgas3i1rsha
Hcat. ; the Nakshatra
Hariv. ; N. of the five stars in Orion's
head (also called %{ilvala} q.v.) W. ;
gentleness MBh. Pan5cat. the
Mr2iga-s3iras (presided
over by the Moon) MaitrUp. Hariv.