In three Indus rhino seals
the letter "o" is stressed by
pratinyugkha rule for
pratyeka living solitary,
making the rhino
Oum or
om (below), Sivo (right)
and the other parokSa.   
  %{-bhoga} m.
enjoyment or possession of
anything in the proprietor's
absence W. ;       beyond
the range of sight , invisible
, absent , unknown ,
unintelligible AV. &c. &c.

pratinyUGkha        m. a
corresponding insertion of
the vowel %{o}
S3a1n3khS3r. ; %{-khaya}
Nom. %{-yati} , to insert the
vowel %{o} in the
corresponding stanza or
verse ib. [662,2]
paramAkSara        n. the
sacred syllable `" Om "' or
Brahma1 VP. Sch.
pratipraNavaM        ind. at
every repetition of the
syllable %{om} Ka1tyS3r. ;
%{-va-saMyukta} mfn.
accompanied each time with
the sņsyllable %{om}

1        pratinyAgam        P. %
{-gacchati} , to come back ,
return Ka1t2h.
2        pratinyas        (only
ind. p. %{-nyasya}) , to
place apart or lay down
separately (for different
persons) deposit R. (v.l. %
Seven parts of the body
under the colour red
Sapta-rakta. In the case
of the spelling of Zivo the
Lips asta becomes ostha
rule, the glyph is
modified by the rakta
glyph rule of nasalization
that includes the
semivowel "va"

rakta`  " coloured or
modified by
nasalization "' , nasalized
(said of a vowel) RPra1t.
(cf. %

anunAsika        mfn.
nasal , uttered through
the nose (as
one of the five nasal
consonants , or a vowel ,
or the
three semivowels %{y} ,
%{v} , %{l} , under certain
circumstances ; in the
case of vowels and
semivowels ,
the mark $ is used to
denote this nasalization)
; the nasal
mark $ ;
ekacara        mf(%{A})n.
wandering or living alone
, not living in company ,
solitary , segregarious
MBh. BhP. ; (said of
certain animals) Mn. v ,
17 BhP. v , 8 , 15 ;m. a

L N. of
S3iva-Rudra Gaut. ;
akSara        mfn.
imperishable ;
unalterable ; m. a sword
L. ; S3iva L. ; Vishn2u L.
; (%{A}) f. see
%{a4kSarA} below ;
(%{am}) n. a syllable ;
the syllable
%{om} Mn. ;
ekAkSara        n. the
sole imperishable thing
AV. v , 28 , 8 ; a single
syllable Subh. ; a
monosyllabic word VS.
S3Br. RPra1t. &c. ; the
sacred monosyllable

Mn. ii , 83 MBh.