(mwd) anupama mf(%{A})n. incomparable , matchless ; excellent , best ; (%{A}) f. the female elephant of the south-east or of the
2 (otl) kapilai  02 1. tawny, brown or swarthy colour; 2. dim coloured cow; 3. cow of the cuvarkkam ; 4. name of the female elephant of
the south-east quarter, being the mate of pun2t2tari1kam  
3 (mwd) puNDarIka n. ( %{puN} [?] ; cf. Un2. iv , 20 Sch.) a lotus-flower (esp. a white lotus ; ifc. expressive of beauty cf. g.
%{vyAghrA7di}) RV. &c.&c. (it is sacred to S3ikhin , one of the Buddhas MWB. 515) ; a white umbrella L. ; a kind of drug L. ; (m. or n.
?) a mark on the forehead S3atr. ; N. of a Ti1rtha MBh. ; m. a kind of sacrifice MBh. ; a species of rice Sus3r. ; a kind of fragrant
mango L. ; Artemisia Indica L. ; a variety of the sugar-cane L. ; a tiger L. ; a kind of bird L. ; a kind of serpent L. ; a kind of leprosy L. ;
fever in an elephant L. ; white (the colour) L. ; N. of a Na1ga MBh. ; of the elephant of the south-east quarter Ragh. ; of an ancient
king MBh. ; of a son of Nabha or Nabhas Hariv. ; of a Bra1hman renowned for filial piety , and afterwards worshipped as the god
Vit2hobl RTL. 263 ; (with Jainas) of a Gan2a-dhara S3atr. ; of a hermit (son of Sveta-ketu and Lakshmi) Ka1d. ; of a poet Cat. ; of a
mountain S3atr. ; (%{A}) f. N. of an Apsaras MBh. ; of a daughter of Vasisht2ha (wife of Pra7n2a or Pa1n2d2u) VP. ; of a river in
Krau9n5ca-dvipa ib.
4 (otl) puNTarikam  1. lotus; 2. male elephant of the south-east, one of as2t2a-tik-kajam , q.v.; 3. tiger; 4. beetle; bee
5 (mwd) vardhamAna mfn. increasing , growing , thriving , prosperous RV. &c. &c. ; m. Ricinus Communis (so called sweet citron L.
(also %{A} f.) ; a partic. way of joining the hands Cat. ; a partic. attitude in dancing Sam2gi1t. ; a kind of riddle or charade L. [926,2] ;
N. of Vishn2u L. ; of a mountain and district (also of its town , now called Bardwa1n or Burdwa1n) VarBr2S. Pur. ; of a Gra1ma Ra1jat.
; of various authors and other men Cat. ; of the last of the 24 Arhats or Jinas Jain. ; of the elephant who supports the eastern quarter
L. ; (pl.) of a people Ma1rkP. ; m. or n. a kind of mystical figure or diagram VarBr2S. Lalit. ; a dish or platter of a partic. shape
(sometimes used as a lid or cover for water-jars &c.) MBh. Sus3r. ; a house having no entrance on the south side VarBr2S. MatsyaP.
; (%{A}) f. a species of Ga1yatri1 metre RPra1t. ; N. of the town of Bardwaln Vet. ; (%{I}) f. N. of a Comm. written by Vardhama1na ; n.
= %{vardhamAnapura} Katha1s. Pan5cat. ; a kind of metre Col.

There are several legends  of the tiger and Sala, all have Yayati some have Yadu others have Yayati then Anu then three others and
Sala.  with the Jain's Sala from Brahma , Atri , Soma, Pururava , Ayu Nahasha Yayati Yadu then Sala. A Yogisvara and Sala were in
king Sala's kigdom, practicing a mantra to Padmavati when a tiger {zardula} sprang upon them to break the spell the Yogisvara was
holding a Chamara or fan ( Sala tree fan ) and said "Poy Sala" (hit him, Sala): where Sala fearlessly smote the tiger.

yAdavazArdUla m. `" tiger or chief of the YñYadu "'N. of Kr2ishn2a MBh.
77 zArdUla m. (of unknown derivation) a tiger VS. &c. &c. ; a lion L. ; a panther , leopard L. ; the fabulous animal S3arabha L. ; a kind
of bird L. ; any eminent person , best , excellent , pre-eminent (ifc. ; cf. %{vyAghra}) MBh. Ka1v. &c. ; Plumbago Zeylanica L. ; N. of
two metres (cf. below) Col. ; of a Ra1kshasa R. ; pl. N. of a S3a1kha1 or school of the Yajur-veda ; (%{I}) f. a tigress (also the
mythical mother of tigers and other beasts of prey) MBh. R.

Continuous symbolism in south India from the Indus Valley.    

The Zirsodaya and the
constellations form   a a
a star.
The Indus Elephant {to the left copper
tablet Mohenjo-Daro}
I believe is a Matris thus associated
with writing The Mother of Pandu's
The Indus Valley Elephant {to the left
copper tablet Mohenjo-Daro}
I believe is a Matris thus associated
with writing The Mother of Pandu's