Below Bhogavat is a Matra used as an aid in writing above Bhogavat is more like bhoga for the enjoyment of the donation of the Yupa.
As a goddess Bhogavati is Kerala's most important goddess, she is the benevolent virgin mother, she was the warrior Bhadrkali that bbanished the
demon king.

bhoga 2 m. (3. %{bhuj}) enjoyment , eating , feeding on RV. &c. &c. (with Jainas `" enjoying once "' , as opp. to %{upa-bhoga} , q.v.) ; use ,
application S3Br. Gr2S3rS. &c. ; fruition , usufruct , use of a deposit &c. Mn. Ya1jn5. ; sexual enjoyment Mn. MBh. &c. ; enjñenjoyment of the earth or
of a country i.e. rule , sway Ma1rkP. ; experiencing , feeling , perception (of pleasure or pain) Mn. MBh. &c. ; profit , utility , advantage , pleasure ,
delight RV. &c. &c. ; any object of enjoyment (as food , a festival &c.) MBh. R. ; possession , property , wealth , revenue Mn. MBh. &c. ;
bhogavat mfn. (for 1. see col. 2) furnished with enjoyments , having or offering eñenjoyments , delightful , happy , prosperous MBh. Hariv. BhP. ; m.
dancing , mimics L. ; N. of Satya-bha1ma1's residence Hariv. ; (%{atI}) f. the night of the 2nd lunar day Su1ryapr. ; N. of Ujjayini in the Dva1para age
Katha1s. ; of a town Vet. ; of a Dik-kanya1 Pa1rs3van. ; of wk.
bhogavat mfn. (for 2. see col. 3) furnished with windings or curves or rings , ringed , coiled (as a serpent) R. ; furnished with a hood (cf.
%{mahA-bh-}) ; a serpent or sñserpent-demon Suparn2. ; (%{atI}) f. a sñserpent-nymph MBh. ; N. of one of the Ma1tr2is attending on Skanda ib. ;
the city of the sñserpent-demons in the subterranean regions ib. R. Hariv. RTL. 322 (also %{-gA-vatI} L.) ; the sacred river of the sñserpent-demons
(or a Tirtha in that river sacred to the sñserpent-king Va1suki) MBh.
In jainism the nine live beyond Svar
or Heaven. The Matra's have 16
vowels that is 7 below and 9 above
minius the four middle vowels 'r's
and 'l's. A Matra is a metrical unit ,
a mora or prosodial instant i.e. the
length of time required to
pronounce a short vowel (a long
vowel contains 2 Ma1tra1s , and a
prolated vowel 3) Pra1t. ; musical
unit of time (3 in number) Pan5cat.
; (only once ifc.) the full measure of
anything (= %{mAtra}) Hariv. 7125 ;

mAtRkA f. a mother (also fig. =
source , origin) Ka1v. Katha1s.
Pur. ; a divine mother (cf. under
%{mAtR}) RTL. 188 ;  N. of 8 veins
on both sides of the neck (prob. so
called after the 8 divine mñmother)
Sus3r. ; N. of partic. diagrams
(written in characters to which a
magical power is ascribed ; also the
alphabet so employed ; prob. only
the 14 vowels with Anusva1ra and
Visarga were originally so called
after the 16 divñdivine mñmagical)
Ra1matUp. Pan5car. ; any
alphabet Hcat. ;  
Both seal's  spell
Bhogavat, the top is
Digambara the Bottom is
Svetambara. The city of
Bhogavat was in Gujarat.
The Seal above with
seven and nine is
Bhogavat digambara.
S. Kalyanaraman ;
Varnanaga kripanika
pratijJAna n. admission ,
assertion , assent , agreement ,
promise , APra1t. Ya1jn5. Sch. ;
bringing forward or introducing
(a topic) Kull. ; %{-vAkya} n. N.
of Paris3. of the white
pratijJApariziSTa n. N. of
Paris3. of the white Yajur-veda.
pratijJAsUtra n. N. of Paris3 on
the white Yajur-veda.
prAtizAkhya n. (fr. %{-zAkham})
a treatise on the peculiar
euphonic combination and
pronunciation of letters which
prevails in different S3a1kha1s
of the Vedas (there are 4
PñPan5cat. one for the
S3a1kala-s3a1kha1 of the RV. ;
two for particular S3a1kha1s of
the black and
, and one for a
S3akha1 of the AV.
The Samaveda Pratishakhya,
one of the earliest, organizes
the stop consonant sounds
into a 5x5 varga or square
To the right are examples of coulored
writing Zanka white and Ugra red.
Varnanaga-kripanika from Varna
coulor and naga snake krpana sword
and a Jain thus naga or nagna.

kSapaNa 1 m. `" fasting "' , a religious
mendicant , Jaina mendicant L. ; N. of
a Sama1dhi Ka1ran2d2. ;

kRpaNa  inclined to grieve , pitiable ,
miserable , poor , wretched , feeble
S3Br. xi , xiv MBh. &c. ; resulting from
tears AV. xi , 8 , 28 ; low , vile W. ;
miserly , stingy Pan5cat. Hit. ; m. a
poor man VarBr2S. ; a scraper ,
niggard Pan5cat. S3a1rn3gP. ;
kRpaNa 2 Nom. A1. (3. pl. %
{kRpa4Nanta}) to long for , desire RV.
x , 74 , 3.  
kRpANa m. (Pa1n2. 7-2 , 18 Pat.) a
sword Das3. Prab. ; a sacrificial knife
W. ; (%{I}) f. a pair of scissors , dagger
, knife Ka1d. (cf. %{ajAkRpANIya}.)
The Tibetan word
"skag" is the
Constellation Azlesa
and the name of the
Goddess Bhogavati.
The Dvaita Forest or Dvaitavana was situated to the south of the Kamyaka Forest. It contained within it a lake called
the Dwaita lake, abounding with flowers, and delightful to look at, and inhabited by many species of birds, elephants
and many trees (3,24). It was on the south-western outskirts of Kurujangala and thus the whole of the Kuru Kingdom.
It was situated near the borders of the desert (northern extension of the Thar desert into Haryana) (3,176). It also lay
on the banks of the Saraswati River (known there as the
Bhogavati) (3-24,176). The holy fig, the Rudraksha, the
Rohitaka, the cane and the jujube, the catechu, the Shirisha, the Bel, the Inguda, the Karira, the Pilu and Sami trees
grew on the banks of the Saraswati (3,176).