Inanna with glyph Sal
The Shakti goddess
is also known as
Amman (Inanna)
(meaning 'mother') in
south India,
especially in the
states of Karnataka,
Tamil Nadu, Kerala,
Telangana, and
Andhra Pradesh.
Drividian's started out
as Asuric.
phAlguna mf(%{I4})n. relating
to the Nakshatra Phalguni1
S3Br. S3rS. ; born under the
NñNakshatra PhñPhalguni1
Pa1n2. 4-3 , 34 (v.l.) ; m. (with
or scil. %{mAsa}) the month
during which the full moon
stands in the NñNakshatra
(February-March) Mn. MBh. ;
N. of Arjuna (= %{phalguna})
MBh. Hariv. ; Terminalia Arjuna
(= %{nadI-ja}) L. ; (%{I}) f. see
below ; n. a species of grass
used as a substitute for the
Soma plant (and also called
S3Br. TBr.
A1s3vS3r. [718,2] ;  
Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta

line 345

gug nam-me na4 za-gin3 Gidru
na4 gug gis
na4 za-gin3 gis dili-gin7
su-ni-a hu-mu-gal2

let he hold it in his hand like a
string of carnelian and lapis lazuli

line 408

gug  nam-me
na4 za-gin3
nam-me gidru um-ta-a-kid7

of carnelian, nor Lapis Lazuli

line 410

Gug gis dili
na4 za-gin3 gis
dili-gin7 su-ni-a hu-mu-u-gal2

hold of carnelian and lapis Lazuli